Luxury House Plans

Luxury homes, often rated within the top 10 % of properties within the local market, are often considerable in size, built-in optimal locations, constructed and finished with high-end materials. These luxury house plans have distinctive architectural designs and exceptional amenities.

What is a Luxury House Plan?

Luxury house plans feature beautiful, detailed facades. Luxury house plans reflect an unmistakable architectural style, outdoor living spaces, guest suites, bonus rooms, and open interior spaces. If you’re looking to build a comfortable and luxurious home, you are welcome to look at our luxury house plans catalog.

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Luxury Houses Exterior Design Features


While modern house plans often have a neutral color scheme, exterior designs for luxury house plans often play around with their color pallets. The colors used often reflect the owner’s personality. Reserved and laid-back owners can choose light grays or whites, while owners with a bubbly personality could go for more lively colors.


When planning to construct a luxury home, most homeowners often go with house plans that reflect who they are, as stated earlier. Like with color, the home owner’s character often plays a massive role in how their luxury home’s external features will reflect in the home’s geometry.

While modern homes are almost similar in their uniqueness, most luxury homes are often distinctive, reflecting the owner’s personality.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you want a luxury home, then a fully-stocked indoor kitchen is not enough. A well-stocked outdoor kitchen is what every person looking to construct a luxury home is doing.

Top amenities ideal for outdoor kitchens includes; built-in gas grills, a food preparation area, a sink, a small fridge, and food plus drink storage area.

Exterior Amenities

Exterior amenities could include swimming pools, expansive lawns, a tennis court, a driveway, and even a mini-golf course. Outdoor features could also include water features such as waterfalls and aquatic life.

The spaces should also offer total privacy while allowing the residents to enjoy the amenities to the fullest. It goes without saying that these amenities often depend on the owner’s taste and the amount of space available for construction.

front view of adelaide crest - luxury home


In a way, your luxury home’s location also influences how the home’s exterior is designed. Your home’s location can be responsible for picturesque views, be it the city life or the natural sceneries depending on where your home is located.

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Luxury Houses Interior Design Features


If there is one thing that distinguishes luxury homes from other houses is their interior design. Luxury homes have lavish interior spaces inspired by international architecture. The trending décor makes the homes distinctive and gives them a novel touch.

Smart Home Features

Luxury homes are all about comfort, which is why most luxury home plans feature security systems accessible via mobile apps, lighting that responds to motion sensors, etc. While these features may vary from house to house, they massively improve your luxury home’s comfort and make it unique.

Number of Rooms

Luxury house plans are meant to offer ultimate comfort, and the number of rooms in your luxury home is one great way to gauge the level of comfort you’ll experience.

For instance, if you plan to construct a luxury home, you have to ensure that you have the correct number of rooms that serve suitable functions without compromising on space. 

You could have spacious kids’ rooms, the children’s playing area, enough guest rooms, an entertainment area, etc.

Speaking of which:

The Entertainment Area

Most luxury homes have an entertainment area featuring a mini-theatre and a gaming room where your family can relax and decompress. An entertainment and gaming area is a growing trend among many luxury homes, and the trend is more likely to grow even more.

An Exercise Room

Most people don’t want to sweat it out in the public gym. If you love working out but don’t want to do it in front of people in a crowded gym, then an in-house gym could prove to be a very productive amenity. 

Not only does having an exercise room in your luxury home save you time, but it also provides you the convenience of taking a post-workout shower in your adjacent spa bathroom.

A Spa Bathroom

Travels of affluent individuals have taken them to some of the world’s best spas and hotels. Most luxury homeowners want to recreate this feeling in their own homes.

Luxury home plans include walk-in showers that feature head-to-toe shower jets, towel warmers, heated flooring, and massive soaker tabs where you get to escape your daily routine’s stress.

Lavish Amenities

Luxury homes are meant to provide you charm and a lavish lifestyle. To do this, the luxury apartments come with luxurious amenities like infinity pools, a gym, walking tracks, etc. These amenities are meant to make you experience comfort and luxury.

Luxury equals space, especially when it comes to homes, which is why most modern luxury homes feature duplexes with spacious homes, balcony lawns, open viewing areas, and more. The plans are carefully crafted to give the interior a modern, stylish, and spacious look.

The King-size Bedroom

People spend more than one-third of their life in the bedroom. It figures that this should be the most luxurious section in your entire home. Your bedroom should be spacious with enough automated lighting, have climate control, and a spacious sitting area to catch up with some private reading.


As shown in this article, luxury house plans are meant to make life more comfortable since you spend almost half your life at home. Your luxury home should be designed as a sanctuary where you set aside all work-related problems, decompress, and have a lovely time.

Which amenities would you love in your home and why?