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We are designers, builders, and innovators

Monsef Donogh Design Group is a small creative design studio located in Renton, Washington specializing in the residential design-build craft.

Our Mission

To create the highest quality homes from the ground up.

1. This means that we allow the building process to take an integrative role in our architectural work and make our design decisions based on experience.

2. Our buildings emerge from their location. We take time to study the site, environment, character, and constructability of a home before putting pencil to paper. As each building location is distinctive, each home design is unique.

3. We understand that the value of a new home comes from its craftsmanship and livability. At MDDG, we stay inspired by the small details of a home that make it stand apart from the rest.


Our Story

Paul Monsef and Scott Donogh share both a love of creating homes and an entrepreneurial spirit of building great things. Together through Monsef Donogh Design Group they are building homes that symbolize the best of their customers’ dreams. The team they have created combines years of building experience and architectural knowledge to create a fresh, seamless, and innovative approach to the building industry through their full service architectural studio.


Donogh Construction

Scott comes from a family background of home building in the state of Washington that spans three generations of excellence. His father’s company Donogh Construction began in 1962. Scott worked as a skilled laborer and a supervisor for his father for over 15 years. Later working with his brother Ryan, he ran a successful home building operation, building high end homes in the Renton area. In 2005 Scott started his own company, Scott Donogh Homes, which has flourished over the past ten years.


Monsef Design

At the same time Paul was also busy learning home building inside and out. Beginning with seven years of building experience in the Seattle area followed by the start of his architectural career in 1997. After more than a decade of honing his technical knowledge and experience, Paul began his own architectural design business, Monsef Design in 2007.


A New Vision

In 2009 Paul did some architectural renderings for Scott. After that Scott was so impressed by Paul’s work, that in 2010 he had him design his own personal residence. The two hit it off, and with the blend of Scott’s building experience, and Paul’s knowledge of architectural design, it allowed for an ideal building experience for clients, consultants, and the construction team. With this vision of bringing a new fresh approach to the building industry Scott and Paul teamed up, and in 2014 Monsef Donogh Design Group was born.

Today Monsef Donogh Design Group is dedicated to building homes that are beautiful spaces and enjoyable to live in. Scott and Paul are more passionate than ever about designing homes in the Seattle area that are built and tailored to meet their customers’ needs. With optimal skill and the latest technology, they can build your home or project to your specifications, while providing the full scope of architectural and construction services during the design/build process.



Our Talent

MDDG brings together three generations of building experience and two decades of architectural design practice to create a FRESH approach to the full service architectural studio.

Our services include: Architectural Design, Feasibility Study, Land Planning, Project Budgeting, Permitting, Fund- Raising Support, Scheduling, and Construction Administration.

We work with landowners, agents, investors, contractors, designers and buyers. At MDDG, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to help walk you and your family through the entire process of purchasing a property, designing, and building your dream home. We are designers, builders, and innovators.

Our Strategic Partners

Scott Donogh Homes | Donogh Holdings and Investments | Jubilee Investments

Meet The Team


Paul Monsef

Having worked in the construction industry for seven years before beginning his architectural career in 1997, Paul has gained a great deal of technical knowledge and experience. With his diverse experience in construction and architectural design has developed problem solving abilities and good communication skills that aid in providing an ideal liaison between clients, consultants and the construction team.

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Scott Donogh

Scott has been pursuing his passion for building houses and real estate since 2004. He started as a laborer for his father’s company Donogh Enterprises in his twenties, then moved up to a Superintendent for his brothers company, Donogh Construction. For ten years he has been growing Scott Donogh Homes. Scott always says” My Dad used to say that he had the best job in the world. He was right!

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